The letters D and P intertwined.

Speculative Fiction on Friendship, Romance, and Danger ¶ By Dusk Peterson

My pseuds:
Dusk Peterson, duskpeterson
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Havre de Grace, Maryland


I write original m/m, original gen, and original f/m; also litfic. My stories are usually historical fantasy or alternate history.

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Chronicles of the Great Peninsula: Historical Fantasy Novels Turn-of-the-Century Toughs: Alternate History Novels Yes, My Liege: Eclectic Tales

MY WARNINGS & RATINGS (updated September 2022)

Most of my stories are speculative fiction set in worlds inspired by historical settings. Many forms of bigotry and oppression are fought against by characters in my stories. Other societal evils await reform at a future date in time and may be countenanced by sympathetic characters. In addition, bigotry that occurs in our world may not be present in these worlds.

The AO3 rating system, as applied to my stories:

T = References to sexuality, brief onscreen violence, and/or sensitive topics.

M = Onscreen sex, extended onscreen violence, and/or extended treatment of sensitive topics.