Detail from The Angel of Death by Evelyn De Morgan

Speculative Fiction on Friendship, Romance, and Danger ¶ By Dusk Peterson

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Dusk Peterson, duskpeterson
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Havre de Grace, Maryland


I write original slash, original gen, and original het; also litfic. My stories are usually mythic fantasy or alternate history (AU).

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MY WARNINGS & RATINGS (updated October 2021)

Story content questions? Feel free to e-mail me.

Most of my stories are speculative fiction set in worlds inspired by historical settings. Bigotry and oppression against adults or children may occur, in a variety of forms, and it may be countenanced by otherwise sympathetic protagonists. Imprisonment or slavery may occur to people of any race; captivity is not based on skin color. Many forms of bigotry and oppression are fought against by characters in my stories, while other societal evils await reform at a future date in time. In addition, bigotry that occurs in our world may not be present in these worlds. In particular, certain types of LGBTA behaviors are considered highly acceptable under particular circumstances. Racism occurs in these worlds only on rare occasions, usually in the form of individual racism.


The AO3 rating system, as applied to my stories:

T = References to sexuality, brief onscreen violence, and/or sensitive topics.

M = Onscreen sex, extended onscreen violence, and/or extended treatment of sensitive topics.