My pseuds:
Dira Sudis, dsudis
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I am dira at Dreamwidth and dsudis at LiveJournal, dsudis on Twitter and dsudis on Tumblr. I also write paranormal romance under various pseudonyms; you can find a listing of all my books at

You do not need to ask my permission to remix, podfic, translate, create art for or create secondary fanwork of any fanwork I have posted. Please do include a link back to my work (the AO3 related work feature = love), and please share a link to your work with me--I'd love to see it! And if you happen to enjoy talking about fic on sites like Goodreads, feel free to review my stuff wherever you like.

I generally do not allow my works to be added to collections other than those for challenges/exchanges the work was written for, due to the possibility of fics then being accidentally made anonymous or unrevealed without my knowledge. If you want to be able to find it again, bookmark it!