Dream, Little Yo

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* You can also find me as Dreamlittleyo on dreamwidth and the Kirk/Spock archive.
* I post fic recs at aliunde_recs on dreamwidth.
* The art for my icon was drawn by the lovely Daunt.

If you're looking for What a Lovely Way to Burn (Inception Big Bang fic written with Leonidaslion), you can find it here @DW. It's so long, and so full of images, that I've given up on porting it to AO3.

If you're interested in remixing/podficcing/translating any of my fics, you absolutely have my permission for anything I wrote alone. (I won't give unilateral permission for any of my collabfics -- though if my collaborator(s) give their blessing, then I'm happy to sign off as well.)

You can email me via dreamlittleyo ((at)) g mail.