My pseuds:
domarzione, Domenika Marzione
I joined on:


Domenika Marzione.

The home page. I've been writing fanfic since the 1990s. Most of what I wrote before 2011 is not on AO3.

The SGA (plus a tiny bit else) sortable fic page on Delicious. Everything I ever did in SGA (200+), sortable by character. Plus some very old (Ult-X) and fairly new (Justified, NuTrek) other bits and bobs.

The tumblr page. Where I spend my social media time these days.

I am also Miss Porcupine on LJ and domarzione on DW, but that's pretty much fic announcements these days.

Podficcing/fanart/whatever else you got going on: Go for it! Seriously, I'd be chuffed and honored.