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I'm especially fond of crossovers, cracky premises, and epically long fic. If I've watched and enjoyed something I probably have written something for it at some point. I'm always happy to be a science!beta for anybody in need, as that's my primary field in the real world. Hit me up if you're in need! I can be found as daroos on LJ, DW, and Tumblr!

daroos' transformative works policy:
If you’re going to do any of the following based on any of the stories I’ve written, non-fandom specific:
Meta Commentary, Podfic, Translation, Remix, Fanart, And much, much more, I embrace all of these things happily and would love to see them exist and would be incredibly flattered by their existence. All I ask is that you credit the original work and contact me either by email (daroos at gmail d o t com), livejournal or dreamwidth(daroos), or drop me an ask in my tumblr (daroos dot tumblr dot com).