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I give blanket permission to do any further transformative fannish work to any of my fic which includes and is not limited to podfic any of my fics, arts, writing in any of the 'verses/continuations of any fics I've written, except for any of my pod_together collaborations because of the collaborative nature of those works. Just please drop me an email with a link or list it as the inspired work on ao3 so that I may flail at you properly. If that work is co-authored, please check with the other author to be sure (but I promise that they will be friendly).

In regards to re-podding anything I've podficed, you have blanket permission to re-mix or transform in anyway you see fit, but do check with the author of the fic for permissions and please link me to anything you create other than pod_together collaborations. I love hearing what another podficcer does. But yes, Seriously. Have at. Have all the fun and make stuff as you will.

Any other questions, comments or flailings can be directed to me via the email below. Cheers!

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