It was amazing. You're amazing.

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crazykookie, itsinthefrackingship
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a m e r i c a (go eagles!)


These are only my Yuletide fic. My Yuletide fic were written in fits of inspiration the night before/day of the due date, so while they have vision, they may lack in eloquence/v. clever symbolism/anything useful. The only other fic were posted on Schnoogle when I was 12. The rest are 3/4 written locked entries on various LJ's, vignettes written in notebooks in the middle of the night and/or when I was drunk, and truths I decided on in the middle of my more boring classes that will only emerge if someone brings me along with them to an apartment on the Mediterranean for a summer. Know that I feel like I have much potential though, and one day ONE DAY there will be a YA fiction book written by me about some gay girl on some cool adventure falling in love which will be pretty cool and I may just use a pseudonym but I'm not sure yet. Graduating college first would probably be a good idea, hence the no Greece thing, hence the all you get is a Hawaii Five-O Christmas date to a made-up beach, and the antagonists of The Emperor's New Groove starting a restaurant.