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I'm cosmic_llin, here as well as in other places. The best way to contact me is via my Tumblr, where I'm cosmic-llin.

I write lots of femgen, femslash and friendship fic, mainly in the Star Trek universe, but I dabble in other fandoms too.

If you'd like to remix, podfic, translate or otherwise create secondary fanwork for anything I've created, please just go for it, but please credit me and let me know so I can enjoy it. :)

An exception - please do not use sections of my fanvids to create new fanvids. (If you really need to do this, please contact me first to ask.)

If you're looking for a short fic to pod (2k or under) about Star Trek women and you can't find anything that meets your requirements, please contact me - I may be able to write something that fits your needs!