My pseuds:
consumedly, inhighheels, Ksirras, Nungri
I joined on:


Hello there ;)

I'm way over 20 so of legal age and have the right to write whatever I want so be cautious when you read and check the tags!

I do NOT give anyone permission to repost and or share my works and or information anywhere else!

I decided to tidy up the place and created two pseuds.

inhighheels is for my femslash drabbles, every rating, and Ksirras is for everything that's not a film or a tv-show.

Nungri is my new pseud for the porn and/or kink driven ficlets and fics (het, femslash and slash), while consumedly will be for the mostly plot driven fictions.

I AM SEARCHING FOR A BETA sorry for the caps, but i wanted to make sure everyone saw it (: