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    An alternate universe where werewolves and other supernatural creatures aren't just integrated, but are so deeply embedded that they're considered part of the natural ecosystem.

    In other words, Stiles and his father work for a U.S. Forest Service that's way different from the one here, if only because it involves many more secret-agent hijinks.

    In terms of order to read in, the Leaflets ficlets are scattered throughout the main timeline (the other stories), but they're generally not essential to understand events, although they're intended to flesh out stuff I can't get to in the main stories. I note in the main stories when that's not true, and when you should go to the Leaflets first.

    9/27/16 note: I am still writing this series, but I think the character arcs are coming to a natural conclusion. The long installments will probably come farther apart than they have been.


    12 Jul 2018