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I'm a geek, Japan-o-phile, viking age fan, craft-o-holic, and I always have a project brewing. Writing fanfics is one of my favorite ways to escape reality for a little while.

Many of the stories I write are to deal with an issue in a story I dearly love. I'd rather "make up my own ending" than continue to be miffed about what an author or producer is doing in their stories.

If you wish to do a podfic or translation of my works, go for it - just let me know you do. I'd love to hear your version! (Even if I already have a podfic of it!) If there are multiple people involved in work I did, please verify with them too.

Contact me via Tumblr .

My podfics are hosted at parakaproductions. (Thank you so very much Paraka for hosting me!!!!)