that art of rival hugh from the pokemon BW2 start screen idle cutscene

joey spaghetti, born of hellfire

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posadist, anarchist, communist.
18 years young. father of 3. "dog 'person'". draingang p0ser. #ImWithHer #feMANist
failed chainsaw juggler. future professional simp for my idiot kid friends who can't afford monster energy
i lost it. had a compound nervous breakdown. moved on to doing otters. theyre easy, even when theyre pumped full of rat hormones. you can kill an otter in about a second. kick its face off.
"WiFi + food + my bed = PERFECTION."

quotev: theglittershop
ig: radio.activs

30/11/2020 actually & genuinely still writing roll here in my ashes i have fc4 brain worms again.