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Anyone wishing to do a translation or podfic of one of my stories has permission to do so. All I ask is that you provide me with a link when it's complete.

I am slowly adding older works to the archive, mostly working backwards. I don't have original publication dates for most of them. Generally, Phantom Menace was my first fandom and those stories were written in the first year or two after the movie came out.

Then I discovered Highlander (after it was off the air) sometime in the early 2000s, which overlapped with Smallville.

After that came SG-1 and the fandom which ate my brain - Stargate Atlantis. I wrote in SGA during its entire run. Supernatural came next, followed by Sherlock.

I don't know what use that is to anyone, but it makes me feel better about sharing some of those early stories. 'cause, yikes, are they embarrassing.