by daybreak we'll be gone

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my aesthetic: murderous and overprotective human disasters who're secretly sad and kinda self-loathing. i wish i were joking, but i'm not.

this is an account where i'm posting nothing but trashy, self-indulgent idfic. it may or may not have a plot, or good characterization, or decent pacing, or literally any redeeming qualities at all, and i reserve the right to do things like start fics by saying "so, [people] are doing [thing] for reasons, and..." i'm basically writing the parts of things that are interesting to me and saying fuck it to everything else.

if you want beautiful, nuanced, fully formed stories, there's a lot of that around. i mean, not on this account, but around in a general sense. if you're the kind of person who needs that in a fic, you should definitely go find those fics, which, i will reiterate, are not here. if you don't give a fuck about nuance or plot and would just like to read a bunch of words about broken people having feelings and relationships and maybe some impossibly tortured extended metaphors, you should hang around.

as a heads up, while i love comments more than literally almost anything else, i sometimes have super intense anxiety about responding to them, and i'm sorry in advance for the times that i'm just not able to, or the times that i respond to your comment six months later, or --

also, blanket transformative anything policy: in the event that you find something in any of this that you'd like to play with, please feel free to do so--don't worry that you have to ask or anything. (if you wanted to tell me, that would be super amazing. but you don't have to do that, even, if you don't want.)