something wicked this way comes

My pseuds:
busaikko, marysuefanfic
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Location and Blanket Permission 

I'm busaikko on LJ and DW; you can reach me at busaikko atmark dreamwidth dot org. Feel free to remix, podfic, illustrate, deconstruct, or otherwise transform anything I've written except for anything members-locked here (which I'd prefer to discuss with you beforehand). You don't need to ask my permission, but I would appreciate knowing! (We can do that awesome linking-to-each-other thing *g* )


Here's what a few people have said about my writing:


With this story you have definitely cemented your motto of "now 50% more evil." (jedirita)

you are awfully good with bleak. (almost_clara)

bad done good. (buzzylittleb)

your stories... devastate to a much deeper degree than the reader first realizes. (snarkyducky)

I don't know you at all but I can state with full authority that you are going to hell for writing this...And I'll be joining you for reading this and liking it . (libco)

You..... concern me sometimes... when you write fic like that. Not really 'concern' in a bad way, mind you, but in more of a 'woaaaaaaaaah, that was fucked up but I think I still kinda liked it' sort of way. (hogwartshoney)

oh, god. you ALWAYS do this to me. WHEN WILL I LEARN? (countess7)

The thing about busaikko is that she believes in love. Really, truly, believes. She also believes that suffering builds character, and that how people overcome, or deal with, handicap make for interesting situations. (islandsmoke)

Gosh, I'm speechless. Let me just say that I feel actually, physically ill, and hope you'll take it as the compliment I mean it to be. Wow. (sticktothestory)