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So, I'm finally updating this thing because I've got something to update it with.

Both Towering Inferno and When the Bough Breaks are officially on hiatus. I apologize. But another fandom has taken control of my soul, and I am powerless to resist.

It's not a new fandom, by any means, though it is fairly new to the internet. It's been around for 34 years. It's The Karate Kid and new YouTube Red series, Cobra Kai.

Again, I do apologize. But we have to go where the muse demands, and right now, she's demanding Daniel and Johnny.

* * *

I write mostly long fics, but that's pretty obvious already, isn't it? And I'm a huge hurt/comfort fan - also obvious, if you look at the category I post in most often.

I guess I'll tell you a little bit about me and what you can expect if you read my stuff then.

I'm a huge Stargate SG1 fan, still, after all these years. I'm fascinated by Jack & Daniel's friendship (I'm convinced that they're madly in love with each other but don't think it's ever been sexual), and I'm also convinced that Daniel and Vala have been going at it like bunnies since the day she came to Earth. I think that comes through pretty strong in my SG1 stories. In Supernatural, I'm a Dean-leaning bi-bro D/C shipper. I love Dean and Sam as hopelessly codependent brothers, and I think Castiel has been in love with Dean since the moment he saw him. NCIS is all about Gibbs 'n Tony father/son to me, but I'm not above admitting that I've got a healthy appreciation of and love for Tony/Ziva. When I write Dark Angel, I write Max and Alec as brother and sister and I'm shamelessly addicted to Logan/Max (with a side of Alec/Asha) and I think Logan and Alec can and should be good friends. When I read Dark Angel, I've got a not-so-secret fondness for Logan/Alec.

Mainly, I write the kind of stuff that I like to read. And I hope that some of you out there might enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.