My pseuds:
briar_pipe, the old briar pipe
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Please note: All remaining works on this account are locked to archive users only. Sorry! If you'd like an account, just go to the main page and hop in the queue. It's moving very fast right now.

I use the "Other" sexuality to describe Poly relationships, since there's no Poly option (yet).

Transformative Works Policy

I agree with the OTW's position on transformative works: you don't need my permission to podfic my work, draw art based on it, write sequels, rp, or whatever else you like. You have my full encouragement! I consider remixes transformative if they introduce significant new material or dramatically change existing material. (Yes, this is a blanket remix permission.)

I ask a few courtesies:

1. For my personal safety, please do not include my username on/in any transformative works based on mine, including on the posting pages for files. Instead, please link back to the page on this archive, or you can use the "Inspired By" link if you're posting here. Both of those allow me to quickly orphan works if need be without tracking you down to change a file (which may be next to impossible, if it's audio, video, or graphics).

2. Don't include my work in any situation where money changes hands without checking with me first.

3. Send me a link if you can! <3 (I really love art, podfic, vids, etc.)

4. If my work is based on someone else's (a remix or inspired piece), please follow their transformative works policy, if they have one. I'd be happy to help you get in touch with them.

5. Sharing my work privately among friends, including uploading files temporarily for this purpose is fine (though the download buttons here work better). I doubt it will happen, but please don't publicly repost any of my works elsewhere without asking first. This is related to my safety concerns above.