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New! You may have arrived here in your search for Star Trek fic, now that Star Trek: Venereal Disease is out! I have written quite a lot, mostly between 2009 and 2010. It is 1701% unlikely that I'll be continuing in Star Trek fandom, since JJ Abrams killed my love for the entire franchise. Fuck you, JJ. Fuck you.

In the mean time, none of my works are canonical to STD, nor will they be, because the movie does not exist to me.

Transformation/Adaptation of my works: Yes.
Caveat: Must link to the original work. If original work has been removed from the internet, link to my AO3 user profile.

Sharing my work privately with a few people over email: Yes.

Reposting my work publically: No.
Caveat: If I am dead, repost with attribution 'til your heart's content.

Sporking/MST3K/Trollfic: No.


NB: I don't listen to podfic generally or podfic of my work specifically but I feel warm and fuzzy to know that my work has been podficced. You're free to tell me or not as you're comfortable.

If hosting on AO3, I feel positively toward linking the two works using "inspired by", but this is not a requirement.