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Full Blanket Statement

Transformative Works Policy
You do not need to ask my permission to remix, podfic, create recursive fanworks, translate, create art, fanmixes, or secondary/sequel fanworks of my fanworks. Also note the further transformation for podfic section in my blanket statement. (However, if the fanwork you would like to use is something that relies heavily upon someone else's fanwork, please also seek their permission.) If you are posting on any public platform, you must include a link to my work as posted on Ao3. Additionally, I request that you post your derivative work (remix/translation/visual/podfic/etc.) on Ao3 and mark it as being officially related to the work of mine from which it is derived. (List of related works.) I will always accept the related works association requests. If you cannot post to Ao3, please email me the link to your publicly-posted work, and I will create an Ao3 external bookmark of your derivative work. Finally, though optional, I'd love to hear from you directly, to provide context to the related works association request.

If I have not been active on Ao3 or other platforms for five years, my transformative works policy is definitive and my works can be re-archived/distributed in fannish spaces (but must be credited to me).

Updated 1 August 2020. In case of any discrepancies, this version is authoritative. I reserve the right to update this policy/statement at my discretion.