black and white photo of person, face covered with blue scribble

The world is quiet here.

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admin, alldesirous, alligators, art by, askthebluebird, autumnsequences, bathcouture, bathtubsmash, blinddreaming, blindreaming, bluedreaming, boneshards, bookspines, breathechoes, carcasses, catbear, cover by, cuddlecorps, cyclamendark, daisieswither, daisyillusive, dayslikestars, deathskirts, dreamagain, edited by, eyelids, faceslikebirds, fingerlick, footstepscatter, fragilethings, fragment11, greenbench, growingroots, heartcools, heartrib, hideawell, howevernow, humanorotherwise, hydrangea, imagineindigo, inconspicuouslyblue, inkypandas, keepingyou, leftimpromptu, lifepoints, liliumdreams, listeninginthedark, little elephant, littleheaps, lollipophush, lookingback, lookout, minorlight, mothshovering, mouthbones, mouthfuls, newlyentwined, nightslikerain, notfic, oddeyecircle, oddsounds, palewithbones, passingclouds, past tulips, pianospots, politepractice, porcelainsalt, poundingsound, read by, readyesterday, redporcelaine, saltcircle, saturdaynights, screamingnow, sea anemone, secretlywords, sevenstars, shatteredorange, shipswillsink, singstatic, snowteeth, stillhere, summerwine, sunbodies, tangerinedreams, teethflower, theblueintheday, thesilence, tinybitsofdark, tinybitsoflight, tinyfingers, toetips, treebreaks, tuliprust, tulipsalt, undergrowth, vacantsky, vastsilence, vid by, waterspill, waveslikebones, whispersweet, windsweptgrave, winterwaltz, with, yearofflowers
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I prefer to be contacted privately with any questions or concerns (via email or other methods: email or discord preferred). My blanket statement has more information.

Canon/Fanon/Fandom/Content Statement (i.e. anti-racism, anti-transmisia, anti-queermisia, etc.)

I am the fannish proxy for a couple of people on Ao3. If you've been directed here from their profile(s), please be in contact with me if you have any questions.