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I'm a long time member of fandom, not as long as some, but I was writing fanfic before I really knew what fanfic was :). I started out online in Highlander fandom back in the mid 90s and have never looked back. I have a large number of my fics moved over to AO3, but all of them are definitely on my LJ.

I suspect I was best known for my Harry Potter fic (Gold Tinted Spectacles, The Corruption Series), back in the early and mid 2000s and my interests expanded from there.

These days I write in many fandoms (just about anything that takes my fancy) as well as writing original fiction which is published by Wittegen Press - some of it free.

I'm am a slasher at heart, so most of my fic is m/m.
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I'm also on tumblr here: berenwrites - I tend to post and reblog fandom stuff.
I'm on Wattpad as @NatashaDuncanDrake as well, if you'd like to see some of my free original fiction - much of it written just for there.