Just Believe It's a Dream

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Lizy | 19 | Student | TV/Film Junkie | Writer | Scorpio

I don't even really know what to write here! I've been reading fanfiction for about 7 years now, and writing for 6 years. I absolutely love fanfiction - it's my escape. My interests have obviously changed since back in '07 when I started writing fanfics, and hopefully my writing has evolved, but I'm still the same fangirl! haha

Please feel free to PM me, even just for kicks, I love talking to new people about anything and everything!

Oh! And follow me on tumblr! I'm believeitsadream. :)

I can also be found on as zvforever :)

I had a bit of a hiatus from writing for a couple years as my inspiration was just down the drains, but quite a few developments have sparked my keenness to write again, so I'm so happy to be back! And Pitch Perfect has just taken over my shipper brain, so I'm sure I'll stick with that for a while.

Hmm, take a look at my stories? Please? :) I would really love that! And hope you enjoy them! Prompts are also always welcome!

Ok, I think that's all? Have a great day!