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bbgulrot, softestbullet
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Authors, you deserve more from me. I hope to improve at communicating.

You don't owe me a response to my feedback! If you reply, that's just nice, no matter how much time has passed. You can't be late and I'm not judging.

I apologize for dropping out of conversations and seeming to disappear mid-WIP or longfic; I probably loved it; this is actually likelier to happen if I loved it.

Often I push through anxiety by suddenly pressing send on whatever I have written. Often I try to lessen the pressure by not reading previous comments. Sorry for the weird results.

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I'm anxious about criticizing a work, its warnings, or its tags, so I usually don't, so my bookmarked works include depictions of what I consider to be non-consensual acts marked consensual, unfair characterization, and things like that.