My pseuds:
A Lunatic, azurelunatic, azureTelepath
I joined on:
I live in:
Not-quite-Seattle, Washington, United States, Earth


I write fanfiction infrequently and almost always in response to a sudden inspiration, quick challenge, bad joke, or bizarre proof-of-concept. It's usually always short. Other people's muses don't hold my fleeting attention span for long. The long ones tend to be original to start with, or turn original on me.

I am found elsewhere at:
and assuredly more places. You should be sensing a theme here with the usernames.

If you'd like to contact me privately for any particular reason, continue this username theme at


Transformative works policy:

I cease to have full control over my creative/transformative works the moment they leave my head and enter yours. I give my blessing on fannish remixing/fanart/podfic/filk/what-have-you on the vast majority of my stuff, provided there's acknowledgment and a linkback. (If something isn't fair game, I would label that particular fic to note the exception.) Particular to podfic, feel free to modify so it better suits the audio medium, and give yourself credit for your own work. I prefer that transformative works of my transformative works be done for love, not money. I have always been flattered as all fuck when something of mine gets someone else's creativity running. Feel free to send me a link to whatever once it's posted (though I rarely listen, and thus may not give feedback).

Do not copy and publicly archive my work elsewhere without first asking for and obtaining my express permission, except as part of larger cultural preservation projects. (Open Doors project? Great. Content for an ad farm? Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.) I would like all public copies of my work (explicitly excluding private copies solely for personal use) to be under my control so I may edit or delete as needed. (Fannish derivative works, of course, are your own to do with as you see fit.)