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Hi, I'm Fish, a college student and aspiring young adult fantasy novelist, which apparently makes a pretty common fish. I'm writing the third and final (before I go a-querying) draft of my first novel, and it doesn't much resemble the original concept at all.

I write in the Avatar: the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra, Harry Potter, and White Collar fandoms, and I go by attackfish on livejournal and dreamwidth, and attackfishscales on

My Livejournal account, linked above as my homepage, is always the first place I post fanfiction (though I post to all applicable accounts almost immediately after) and the only place to get my drabbles, pastiche, and flash fiction, as well as any notifications about delays, early posts, or disruptions, and for that matter, the ever exciting commentfic memes I run every so often. Everything is carefully tagged, and easy to find.

I have disabilities. I wanted to keep that off my assorted profile pages, because it doesn't have much to do with my personality, but persistent ablist comments on fanfic of mine that have characters with disabilities in them compel me to tell you that I am oxygen dependent and have a severe immune disease. Anyone who makes a comment referring to any character as crippled, or gimpy, or says this character's life is over because of a disability, or expects my characters with disabilities to be Victorian style long suffering objects of sweetness and pity will be considered pond-scum. The rest of you, thank you for not being pond-scum and I hope you enjoy my stories. I have a basic primer for how not to be accidentally offensive with regards to disability and fanfiction here.