the lady of shalott weaving

My pseuds:
astolat, shalott, the lady of shalott
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I'm also: astolat @ Dreamwidth, astolat@Pillowfort, astolat @ Tumblr, @intimations on Twitter, astolatvids on YouTube.

Blanket Permission Policy:

I love and welcome remixes/sequels/podfics/fanart/translations based on my work: as long as it's noncommercial and credit is given, you don't need to ask permission. More than one person is welcome to podfic/translate/sequel/etc any given story if they want to.

I WOULD especially love it if you post your work here and cite my original story as a related work, because then I can easily link back to you from the original story.

You can look at my Related Works listing to see existing translations, podfics, and other related works.

(One small note: sometimes the emails notifying me of a new related work go astray; if I don't approve a link back immediately, this has almost certainly happened! I do go through my Related Works page every few months or so and approve anything that slipped through the cracks.)


Warning Policy:


My work is generally labeled Choose Not To Warn unless I am really confident it is exceptionally safe. Most of my work is not! I do make an effort to add more specific warnings where I think appropriate and something is potentially triggering, but that's it. I don't tag exhaustively for every story element that appears in my work. Please do not leave me tag feedback (ie "you should add a tag for X"), as I just delete these comments.

Pronouns: she/her, please