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I have this username lots of places if you're looking for me elsewhere (LJ/DW/Tumblr). Glad to beta fanworks for physics, astronomy, and NYC stuff, email me at . Someday I really want to put to use my love of calendrical astronomy, such as the dates of Full/New Moon, holidays tied to the Moon phase (e.g., Easter, Passover, Chinese/Lunar New Year, Ramadan), and fictional/alien/fantasy holidays (e.g., three werewolf sub-species on a planet with three moons with each responding to one of the moons and something big happens when all three transform at the same time, seasons on a planet orbiting one star of a binary system, astrology on a planet with a ring based around how the ring's orientation precesses relative to the stars).

All my works are under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license: go ahead and podfic, translate, make fanart, fanvids, or other spinoff works; let other people do the same to yours; you can't make money off it (no ads!); give me credit as previous author. I'd appreciate a link back to my version, and please tell me when you post it - I want to see/hear your awesome versions too! :) If you really do want to make money off your spinoff (e.g., including your follow-up fanfic in a self-published book, putting ads on a YouTube fanvid of my work), let me know and we can work something out.

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