the last light you liked on the horizon

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a good teammate. they/them

you do not need to ask for permission to translate, create recordings of, or remix my works. however, please do not share your translations or recordings outside of ao3. remixes can be posted elsewhere, though I would appreciate a link back! if the original is locked, please do the same for your work. oh, and let me know if you make something—i would certainly like to see it!

you are free to share links to my work, but please do so in locked (private twitter, age-restricted discord as necessary, etc.) fandom spaces.

if you'd like to get in contact, you can send a message through twitter (dms are open) or tumblr (anonymous asks are on). i am happy to provide general overviews of my work in case you would like to check it for triggers, squick, etc. i get to comments eventually, so if you have requests or questions i will answer at some point, but i am much more responsive elsewhere. thanks!

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