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Updated 11-12-2012


So. Author getting back in the habit at the worst possible time (finishing a PhD). Updates may be slow at times, just saying.

Most writing is going to be pretty Avengers heavy. Current projects below:

'The Water's Wide and Deep' verse:

(the best way to follow this verse, cause are there going to be a lot more stories besides these two, kids, is through subscribing to the series)

'Mischief, Lies, and Other Hazards of Parenting' - Complete as of 10/18. Now with bright shiny epilogue!

'Thor's Days' - A year of Thursdays - and Thor's days - after the events of 'Mischief.' Currently in progress, updates every two to three weeks.

'A La Carte' 'verse':

'Comfort Food' - Maria and the team - and some friends of Bruce's - share a meal together in Kolkata. Coming somewhat/maybe soonish.

'Taste of Home' - Dinner in Oslo sounds like such a good idea, until Thor gets them kicked out of Norway.

My very randomly updated tumblr is at

Transformative Work Statement: Anyone who would like to podfic/remix/draw/sculpt/re-enact in interpretive dance any of these stories, and future works, is more than welcome to do so! The only limits are on podficcing 'A La Carte' or 'Mischief, Lies, and Other Hazards of Parenting,' as podfics are either in the works or will be at some point. Everything else has blanket permission, but if you could pm me or e-mail me at artyartie04 at gmail dot com if you do, I'd adore you forever. And bake you virtual cookies. :)