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aroceu, censored, domo, kingdra
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arrow // late 20's // any pronouns // lesbian // introspective & horny // website

transformative works policy: this is blanket permission to translate, pod, or create fanart or covers or playlists for my writing! please do not remix my fics. this, of course, does not apply in remix events.

for everything else, i request that you please (a) let me know beforehand (or afterward), (b) link to my work in yours somewhere, and also (c) provide a link for me when you're done so i can add it in the notes of my own work! if you've translated a fic i've deleted, i don't mind if you keep it up. more than one person is allowed to translate/pod/whatever else my fic.

i don't accept collection requests that aren't related to some sort of event or formal collection (like a kinkmeme), sorry! if you are reccing, i am flattered anyhow :)

please don't put my fic (or myself) on goodreads, & please don't repost my fics in full anywhere! please don't link any rpf or pseudo rpf to the people written about, or anyone associated with them. thank you!!