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    'Not a bloody chance,' Kilgrave's words are the rarest thing he's ever heard; a denial. Oh, he's curious. And so looking forwards to this.


    14 Aug 2018

    Bookmarker's Notes

    Harry smiles, and it's a sharp, potentially dangerous thing.

    And yes. Kilgrave believes he can play this game with her.

    Not as toy and master.

    But as opponents.

    What fun.

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    Every story has its beginning. This one begins with an end. And it all goes downhill from there.


    A woman from our world dies and somehow wakes up as an Uchiha brat. Cue freakout.


    11 Aug 2018

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    When she closes her eyes, she isn't sure she dreams. It's too vivid, to real, and yet impossible enough to be. She is someone, she knows, and she walks, she runs, yet she can't bring herself to be happy, somehow.

    She is on a party, and she knows it's birthday. Eleventh birthday, no less, and she knows that it can't be hers, because she doesn't remember hers, and the blurred silhouettes of people are wearing traditional Japanese clothing and-

    These are memories, she realizes with a start.

    These are memories of Uchiha Ren.

    She wonders why. What's the cause of her re-living the life of a girl who was dead, whose skin she was wearing now. What's the cause, what's the reason, what's the point? She isn't Ren (and in the same time she is), per say. She never was or will be

    (She dies about a month before her twelfth birthday, a silver-cold blade impaling her like a gruesome butterfly with wings of bloody pools underneath her.)


    Realizing that, after the short nap she's taken, she knows much more about this current world, about her clan and everything else, is startling. It's as if the original Ren's memories were somewhere in there and waiting for an occasion to settle in, like a medicine or illness alike.

    Unsettling, like many things that happened today.

    Unsettling, like many things that were bound to happen.

    Worst of all, her actual memories are still perfectly intact in there. And, whatever personality Ren's memories want to force unto her, they just slide off like water on the glass.

    (She might be wearing her skin now, but she isn't becoming her. She despises herself, but she will not be anybody else. She can't be anybody else.

    It feels wrong.)

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    If dying meant saving them, you would gladly do it.

    If only things were that simple.


    10 Aug 2018

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    "Neh, sensei," Kiba smushes a hand into Chouji's round cheeks. "You knew Hatake-san, right?"

    Grey locks, callused hands... Lips curving. Mouth tangling. Hands searching.

    Your eyes glaze over at the frosted memories of a person whom you remember like the wilted purple tulips that once sat on your windowsill in a pink cup. The memories of halcyon days buried beneath green blankets and a warm hand stretched across your stomach. Maybe the years where you could explore the weaving forest branches freely and walk in the rain without being acutely aware of the ache right at your knee and the emptiness beneath.

    "Yes," you say with a voice that speaks of remembrance.

    Ino must recognize that look. As hesitantly, she asks, "What was he like, sensei?"

    You smile. "Brave. Strong. Loyal." You place a hand on her shoulder. "And so very, very human."


    "Come get ramen with me when we go back?" he asks playfully by your ear, tracing the shell of your ear delicately, almost words you can barely process.

    Your fingers thread through his hair and another hand digs into his shoulder. You smile, almost amused, lips wet and cheeks flushed. "Is that a date, Hound?" you teased.

    He laughs, low and pleasing. "Ma, ma, you're not refusing, are you?"

    You remember him that moment, because he was your world. Your pillars, your moon, your sky and your clouds.


    "So," Kurenai sits down beside him, Kakashi turns to her with a soft look. "[Name], huh?"

    Lynx. Wild-cat. The subject of a million dreams and a million more nightmares. The silk of [colour] hair, the lilt of a teasing voice whispering his name, the sweep of fabric against skin, the taste of honey and an echoing sake on his tongue.

    "Hm," Kakashi says, because he doesn't know if he's allowed even that.

    "She's different," Kurenai says, fingers weaving another idly. "Four years ago, I thought she'd never recover. But she's changed, she's recovered and she's happy, Kakashi." She leans closer, smiling at him, making his heart ache. "You can be happy, too. You can be happy with her."

    ( The dreams of sunshine, dancing in the dark, barefoot on the grass, the small feet running on tatami mats, smaller hands tugging on hair and shirttails, the blithe morning smiles and midnight trouble of crying infants. Gone, all gone—

    But still there. )

    "Kurenai," he chokes. "Don't."

    "Kakashi," she says, hurt and disappointed but he turns his head and takes one step and disappears in a swirl of leaves.

    ( Yet he can't.


    because she deserves better,

    deserves so much, much better. )


    You think of the man he was before- his smiles rare and his laughter even more scarce. Respected and distant and worshipped, but yours — and yours alone. The man who stands before you now, bright and shining, charismatic and happy. But yours no longer.

    But you look at him, and you think that he's better like this. He's happy-- and that's what matters.

    ( That's what matters, you think, even as you close your eyes and remember the whispers against shoulder blades and the moan of your name, the taste of him, the mornings and the presence of him surrounding you. )

    "Sandaime, will there really be a fourth war?" These questions should be beyond you. You stopped answering when you entered ANBU, and after your leg, after those pills— You began answering them on your own.

    You are ANBU, you are shinobi, you a killer, a soldier and a protector, and you shouldn't need the assurance.

    The Sandaime sits down in front of you, steps light and face still etched in happiness— but the wrinkles don't fade. And you'll never forget the grief, the pain and the sadness the night Minato died. The night he died and left behind a broken village, a broken boy and a baby who's about to be broken by those he died to save.


    And your chest is filled with warmth at the sight of them. Sakura is maturing, Sasuke is... Getting less edgy, and Naruto is smiling. And you're proud, so very proud that three kids; the fangirl, the avenger and the dead-last were able to not only become a team but also become friends and become happy.

    Because while Konoha might be thought of as soft or less shinobi-like than other hidden villages, they are the only shinobi force who are able to smile when they truly mean it.

    And in this world, there are fewer and fewer opportunities to find joy. Even less who can smile at that joy without destroying it.

    Sometimes, happiness is a cruel, terrible thing. It makes people content and relaxed, it makes people wage wars and it makes people kill. But sometimes, it is a balm to a broken heart and a promise of peace and love and kindness.

    ( But there are also times,

    where love is not enough. )

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    The rational part of Tsunade had rejected the idea because it didn’t make any sense. Naruto was a thirteen year old genin who was currently traveling with Jiraiya, not some twenty-something year old man who had been in a coma for three months.

    She felt a thrill of excitement shoot through her when one of the gashes on the man’s chest slowly, so very slowly, knitted itself back together. She allowed herself a small smile before she went back to work with renewed vigor. She would heal the brat till he was as good as new and then she was going to beat him up until he gave her a good explanation for what the hell was going on.


    09 Aug 2018

    Bookmarker's Notes

    That gets his attention, though he still doesn’t look up from his book. “Tsunade-sama doesn’t like anyone or anything but sake,” he says. “And her word should be enough to vouch for this man. I still don’t see how any of this concerns me.”

    Minefield. Minefield. No matter how he turns it over in his head he can’t think of a delicate way to say ‘He looks like Kushina Uzumaki’s long lost brother. You know, your sensei’s wife, the woman who practically adopted you. Haha, hope you don’t have a mental break down when you see him, you emotionally constipated idiot.’


    Genma eagerly latches onto the distraction, instantly recognizing the situation. It’s become too common place over the past few days for him not to realize what’s happening. “What was that?” he asks, almost too eagerly. “I should check it out.”

    Kakashi’s side eye shows he’s not fooled in the slightest but Genma honestly couldn’t care less. He takes off towards training ground two where he knows Tsunade and Nise will inevitably end up. He feels Kakashi follow behind him and can’t make up his mind if that’s a good thing or not.


    Maniacal laughter fills the air and Nise bursts through the tree line at the opposite side of the training ground. “I told you! You’re getting old!” He yells over his shoulder. “It’s not my fault you can’t keep up, you old hag!”

    Kakashi’s breath hitches next to him and the fact that he even heard it in the first place is a sign of just how caught off guard the man is. But Genma can’t really blame him. The first time he met Nise, he had almost overlooked the man, his generic ANBU uniform being one of many and unremarkable. But with no mask on, his long flaming red hair and intricate fuuinjutsu displayed on his arms were anything but subtle. The man screamed Uzumaki. Genma chews anxiously on his senbon and wonders what the chances are of him being able to slip away without Kakashi noticing.

    “Nise-san! Please stop antagonizing Hokage-sama!” an ANBU says as they flicker next to the red head, carefully landing a few meters away from the man.

    “OLD?!” An enraged Tsunade screeches as she too bursts onto the training grounds. “YOU DISRESPECTFUL BRAT! I’LL SHOW YOU OLD!” She charges straight at Nise, too fast for Genma to properly see.

    Nise screams in delight and the Hokage is suddenly right in front of the red head, punching the ground. The ground crumbles beneath her and Nise’s screams turn into the hysterical laughter as they both fall into the crater Tsunade’s punch has created.

    “Hokage-sama!” The ANBU says, standing on the edge of the crater and looking down into it. “You really don’t have time to be playing games, you have paperwork to finish. Nise-san! Please end this ridiculous game, Hokage-sama clearly tagged you.”

    “Mouse-san!” Nise whines as he crawls out of the crater. “Why do you always take Baa-chan’s side? Yeah she tagged me but she broke the rules! We agreed that we wouldn't destroy anything and she punched like a dozen trees! So her tag doesn’t count!”

    The ANBU rubs his temples and Genma is acutely sympathetic. He had been on guard yesterday and, for two hours, had to listen to them argue about how much sake was an appropriate amount to drink in a day.

    Tsunade jumps out of the crater and puts her hands on her hips. “You ran through a fence first,” she argues.

    “Yeah, but that doesn’t count!” Nise protests. “I didn’t see it!”

    Tsunade snorts. “Come on, brat,” she says, rubbing Nise’s hair. “You need a shower, you’re filthy. Who let you roll around in the dirt?”

    They start walking back the way they had come so Genma barely hears Nise’s outraged shriek of “You blew up the ground in my face!”


    Genma chews on his senbon and stares back. It’s moments like this that remind him how easy it is to forget who Kakashi is. With more than half his face hidden and a frivolous attitude, it always seems like Kakashi never takes anything seriously. Even when they run missions together he has his nose stuck in an Icha Icha book and gives orders as if they are nothing more than last minute thoughts. He indulges in asinine competitions with Gai, goes out drinking with Asuma and teases the new jounin. It’s so easy to forget that Kakashi was already a jounin at an age when most were just graduating from the Academy. So easy to forget that he had been trained by the Yondaime Hokage. So easy to forget that sometimes Shikaku-sama came to him when he couldn’t figure something out. That he was the infamous Copy Cat Ninja.

    Genma can’t recall a time that Kakashi’s been this serious since he left ANBU. Maybe he was in the days following the Last Uchiha’s betrayal, but Kakashi had made himself scarce then. Genma hadn’t wanted to fight Kakashi when he was a grave teenager but he definitely never wants to be on the opposing side of a serious adult Kakashi.

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    The world could handle only one Naruto Uzumaki, therefore he was ready to relinquish his rights to the name. He was so much more than just Naruto Uzumaki now. (Time Travel AU, OP!Future Naruto)


    09 Aug 2018

    Bookmarker's Notes

    Rei strolled into Danzo's office like he owned the place: spring in his steps, hands in his pockets, whistling some merry tune, and giddy with excitement.

    It had been years from the last time he pranked someone. Years! And the paranoid type always was his favorite to prank.

    A grin found its way onto the blond's face as he surveyed an empty office. A table with a neatly assembled tea set caught his eye and he walked closer. Picking each cup, he placed the invisible storage seal at their bottom, each having enough space to contain an average-sized lake. No matter how much tea they were gonna pour into these cups, they would always remain empty.

    As Rei went around the office, he swapped and shuffled things around just to help the guy with his paranoia – he was such a generous soul!

    The blond finished by placing the final seal on Danzo's chair – the storage seal full of his special itching powder. It would activate upon someone pressing on it, well, sitting in this particular case. He sniggered at the image of Danzo scratching his itchy butt.

    Rei glanced around the office for the last time and grinned in glee when the woman's painting on the furthest wall warped and twisted into some kind of macabre nightmarish scene for a briefest of the moment and then returned to normal as if nothing strange had happened.


    The blond was about to teleport to Suna – Gaara was due to get a visit – when he felt a tug on one of his Hiraishin beacons. He blinked in surprise. There was only one kunai that he gave to another person a few days ago and the chakra sent into the seal was definitely not his.

    Rei closed his eyes and concentrated, sweeping the whole Konoha with his senses in an instant until he found what he was looking for. Underground. In the ANBU detention center.

    His chest rumbled with a deep growl, red eyes burning with sudden anger – one that poured out of him and crackled around the room.

    Rei saved the kid's life and promised to help him; thus felt responsible for him now. If anyone touched even a hair on that particular Uchiha's head, they were about to experience what happened to those who harmed the people he took under his protection.

    In a blink, the blond was gone from the office.

    Shisui tried to rest, but the sleep eluded him. He was lying on his stomach, face buried in his pillow.

    He felt restless – only his sheer willpower stopped him from prowling around the cell like a caged beast. Walls were layered by the chakra suppressing seals, and it left him helpless – weakened beyond belief.

    "What the hell is going on?!"

    Shisui almost fell from his bunk. Well, alright, not almost, he actually fell from his bunk as the unexpected raised voice scared the hell out of him and he didn't quite manage to put his feet under him in time when he rolled off of it.

    His head whipped up and onyx black met bloody red.

    In all his orange glory, Rei stared down at him, clearly expecting an answer: lips pressed together, brow furrowed, arms crossed in front of his chest. He even tapped his foot impatiently.

    "Rei-san?" Shisui spoke in absolute disbelief. "Why– How did you get here?"

    The blond huffed, "The same way I get anywhere else."

    "You can use chakra here?"

    "What are you talking about? Of course, I can." Rei lifted his hand and a blue orb of chakra instantly formed in his palm. "See?"

    "But there are chakra suppressing seals all around this cell," the teen pointed out dumbly.

    The blond raised a questioning eyebrow and his eyes – blue again – flicked to look at the wall. "Oh," he said flatly. "I was wondering what this annoying ticklish sensation was."

    Shisui blinked. This situation was so absurd and this person so ludicrous that he couldn't help it – he just burst out laughing.