My pseuds:
anenko, ericales, Northlight
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I have written a lot of unhealthy relationships, hate sex, violent sex, dub con and rape--with varying degrees of sensitivity--over the years.


Anyone who is so inspired to do so has my permission to translate, podfic, remix, draw fanart of, write a sequel to, or otherwise create fanworks based on any of my fanfic. I would prefer to be notified at some point, although you don't need to seek my permission ahead of time. If you're uncomfortable contacting me directly, using the AO3's This work is a remix, a translation, a podfic, or was inspired by another work option is perfectly fine.

Feel free to make minor adjustments for readability, if need be.

I go by the same user name ("anenko") at LJ and DW. You can PM me through either site, or email me at temporary_blue (at) yahoo (dot) ca.

Icons are from pinacotheque and jillicons @ LJ.