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Bio || || anatsuno on Fanlore || email at Gmail (same name)

Blanket permission:

You do not need to ask my permission to remix, podfic, translate, create art for or create any secondary fanwork of any fanwork I have posted. Repods of podfics I've recorded are of course encouraged also. :)

Anything you produce in turn should feature a link back to my work and credit me by name*, and you should also share the link to your work with me! (not for repods of course!)

It will serve two purposes: keep me abreast/informed, and make me really happy. I'd absolutely love to know about it. There's no hurry in telling me, but if it makes you anxious to drop me a line, just know that it'll be well received. And I won't answer if you don't want me to - feel free to mention if you want no further contact with me / no feedback from me; I'll comply with your wishes. :)

Be aware that some of the fic I posted here is co-written, though, and please check on the policies of my co-writers. He are two links to get you started (but that is not an exhaustive, future-proof list of all co-writers):

- Cesare's policy
- Shaenie's policy

*(It would also be really nice if you then shared these works in the same manner I do, but I do not require it)