Kassie: soul-crushing feels guaranteed or your money back.

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Kassie (they/them or she/her). Writer first, everything else second. Autistic lesbian, human disaster, shipper trash. I’m less like a person, more like two memes, five random (pop-)cultural references, and seven mental health issues, stacked on top of each other and wearing a trench-coat.

I AM BAD AT REPLYING TO COMMENTS. I read them, I always try to get back to them, and I love hearing from people on my fics. If my replies take a while, I am *NOT* ignoring you on purpose and you did nothing wrong. I’m just a big ball of anxiety and perfectionism, who is constantly working on a lot of things. Either way, I’m sorry. ♥

I’m a certified hurt/comfort monster, though. Don’t worry, I have a permit. It might just be a piece of paper that says, “I can do what I want,” but I still have it. ……What? I love garbage.

Recursive Works & Sundry

  • Podfics: Sure thing! Shoot me a link, if you do.
  • Translations: Feel free.
  • Remixes: Go right ahead, y’all. Shoot me a link, and if you post on AO3, please list your fic as related to mine.
  • Prequels, sequels, extensions, “set in the same AU,” etc.: Please talk to me about these, first. I’ll probably say yes, but I have some fics where I’d rather people didn’t write their own extensions. (I am, however, very open to sharing headcanons, world-building, etc.)
  • Art, edits, mixes, etc.: Please do! Link me so I can boost and appreciate it!
  • Archiving my work on other sites: No, period, absolutely not.

You can also find me at: twitter, pillowfort, dreamwidth, and Discord (amorremanet#5500).