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Remix/pod fic/other transformative works/whatever policy: I don't believe you need my permission to pod fic my stories, remix them, draw art from them, or otherwise engage with them, but if that's something you like to have then you have it. I'm utterly delighted when people do things with my work. I'd really like it if you let me know or even just mark it as a related work.

Podficcers: I don't listen to pod fic myself, but I am utterly delighted whenever something I've written manages to inspire you to do that thing you do.

On commenting (or why you may not get a reply from me very quickly):

I very much appreciate any and all comments, but I do have my own personal issues that keep me from replying to them at times. This doesn't mean I won't reply, but if it's been more than a month since posting I wouldn't suggest holding your breath. I apologize, but it is what it is. I'm trying.

The exception to the above is my Supernatural fic. I probably won't ever respond to comments on those fics. Again, this is my own mental issues and has nothing to do with you lovely people who are still reading my fic. You are lovely.

In short: If I don't respond to your comment on my fic it's really not you, but me. I love that you took the time to comment, I really do, but my own personal issues can and will interfere with my ability to respond.

If it's really important to you to get a response try leaving an ask on my Tumblr.


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