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'Sup. You can see my art on DA or Tumblr. The Ryo vs Millenniumon game translations are on my site. Current translation efforts are focused on Final Fantasy V Japanese publications so I can update Shinryuu's Lair after years of neglect.

I work for a living and travel a lot for my job, so fic progress is never going to be as fast as you'd like. Sorry about that. I'm really burned out on Digimon, so everything is on hiatus until I can get the wherewithal to care about it again. Also on a bit of a hiatus with SU for the time being on account of not liking how it ended.

I'm currently revisiting one of my oldest internet fandoms, FF5, and trying to double the number of fics for my favorite ship. Current project is Dragondance, which will be posted when I have enough for it.

Oh hey! Are you a woman or nonbinary person who loves women? Or just prefer femslash/wlw/nblw ships? The Final Fantasy Lily League Discord server is looking for members. Hit me up for an invite.

P.S. I'm gay. Don't expect het characters as mains in my fics.
P.P.S. Ship Faris/Lenna? Please let me know! I'm starving for contact with other shippers.
P.P.P.S. If you'd like to contact me, my e-mail is ajorafravashi-at-gmail.com. Replace the -at- with a @.