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Aiyumi, aiyumibr
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I'm a Brazilian, visually impaired woman that likes anime, games, Japanese and Linux. I work as a Perl programmer, and in my spare time, I attempt to play games despite my visual limitations, play around with music and sounds, write fan fictions, and sometimes try to adapt parts of them into Japanese audio dramas. Recently, I also got an unexplainable fascination with the violin, and in March of 2015, I started to learn to play it.

More info about me on my blog.

You can also keep up with my fanfic and blog updates via my Twitter: @aiyumi_en

Some fandoms that I like: .hack, Final Fantasy VII, Kirby, La Corda d' Oro/Kin'iro no Corda, Mega Man/Rockman and all its subseries, Persona, Pokemon, Zelda.

Current fandom, as of August 2015: Persona

Stories in my "current fandom" are usually updated once a month.


2018/12/11: Posted Wings of Rebellion chapter 19.

2018/12/02: Posted Guiding Star chapter 18.

2018/11/16: Posted Wings of Rebellion chapter 18.

2018/10/26: Posted Wings of Rebellion chapter 17.

2018/10/06: Posted Wings of Rebellion chapter 16.