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Hi guys. my name is Cherie Vohra, a computer programming A-levels student. I first came to AOS for some Darcy lewis fics but soon got sucked into Daracyland. Totally not my fault by the way, Darcy totally bribed me with hunky super soilder sandwich sexytimes and mighty Norse Gods smut. My poor brain tried to decline but all went in vain when she brought out her mighty weapon of sass, sarcasm and humor. Alas i couldn't say no, so made this account.
So as you can see Darcy lewis is my fav character in MCU but BAMF!Melinda May totally comes to a close second, like really really close close second.
Other than MCU fandom i m also a VAMPIRE DIARIES fan espically Bonnie Bennett. And not to forget HARRY POTTER Fandom and our dear little Miss Hermione Granger.
You can find also find me on other sites.
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