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    Five years after the end of the Starscourge, chaos and anarchy has spread among different factions throughout, vying for the throne of the most coveted nation of all Eos: the Kingdom of Lucis. These factions believeone who rules over Lucis also rules all of Eos, and with the civil unrest between these factions, all the nations of Eos are leading themselves into a series of civil wars and amongst nations. The end of the Starscourge may have brought back the light, but it did not bring back the peace and prosperity the gods promised to the peoples of Eos.

    Briony Pacem, a young archivist at the Lestallum Public Library and retired Kingsglaive soldier, receives a set of aged notebooks that was said to be the original manuscripts to the Cosmogony, from a mysterious donor. One of the notebooks reveals new information not found in any of the Cosmogony editions that made her and her two colleagues, Ignis Scientia and graduate student Talcott Hester, believe that the prophecy according to the Cosmogony was incomplete. Uniting with old friends and comrades, seven former warriors band together to test the validity of the unpublished manuscript and prepare for the return of their Chosen King.

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