My pseuds:
addictedkitten, cyclogenesis, littleficlets
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I live in:
Los Angeles, CA


I wrote for years and years under the name addictedkitten, but now post as cyclogenesis, on account of I like it better than the username I chose when I was like seventeen thinking it sounded sort of undefinably sexy. \o/ I'm going to try to put up everything here, so if you click on something random and it sucks, it's probably because I wrote it like ten years ago. But I'm a completist, so. (Okay, now that I'm actually going back through everything I'm realizing I'm not a completist and some things I've written are so random they are of no use to anybody. If you really feel the need to read my entire back catalog it's all unlocked at my LJ.)

New works will be posted as cyclogenesis. If it's just under addictedkitten, that means it's at least a few years old and that's the name I wrote it under so I'm sticking with it.

Right now I've fallen headfirst into One Direction fandom, so that's probably what I'll be writing for the foreseeable future. Sometimes I like other things. Who the hell knows.

Find me elsewhere:
LJ (stories are always posted here first)
Tumblr (most of my fannish activity takes places here)
Ficlet Tumblr (sometimes I write little things that are too small to bother posting on AO3)

If you have any questions or want to chat, my Tumblr ask is always open (and anon is on if you're not a Tumblr person) or you can email me at thisiscyclogenesis at gmail dot com. You are always free to use my stories as jumping off points for transformative works or translations, including podfic, sequels, remixes, etc. If you do any of those things, please email or message me or somehow let me know so I can check it out! Also, that's my cat in my icon. Her name is Klaus. \o/ I think that's it. I love you!