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My pseuds:
abriata, idwyt_nome
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ex-sometimes drought, sometimes earthquakes


Currently reading [redacted], but most of you probably know me from The Social Network fandom. Fandom history: One Direction, Hockey RPF, Captain America/The Avengers, and The Hobbit, with minor tendencies towards reading the shiniest thing on tumblr, delicious and any and everything that pops up on my various flists. I also used to be in American Idol 8 fandom with a short foray into Glee. I have been in bandom (specifically Fall Out Boy) to varying degrees since 2009.



Blanket Permission


Since there've been questions (way more than I ever expected; thank you guys!) about translations, podfic, fic sequels, and art, please know that I have no problems with and place no limitations upon any works of mine you wish to use for any fannish purpose. Please just link the original fic and comment/PM/email me to let me know you've posted something, so I can go see it! If possible, I'd like related works to be posted or cross-posted on the AO3 as well so that we can use the nice magic link feature, but I understand this isn't always possible, especially with translations.

I am also abriata on tumblr, and while I don't post any type of content with regularity (except possibly poetry), I'd be happy to talk to you! I answer all asks privately unless they're anonymous. It's the best way to get ahold of me if you don't want to email.

I can be found at Dreamwidth and Livejournal as well.