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Izanami's Debauchery Domain


  • Heat - DekuMight, EndSho, EnDeku, minor TodoDeku

    A mission abroad exposes All Might, Endeavor, and their respective proteges, Izuku and Shoto, to an unknown quirk with a delayed effect.

    The two larger-than-life heroes loomed over the writhing forms on the excessively large bed. Burning desire coursed throughout their bodies, one that wiped away any lingering inhibitions and left behind an unbearable need for release.

Coming Soon:

  • Tease - DekuMight
    AU in which Izuku is a red-light district stripper to pay for his UA tuition and Toshinori finds out when he decides to have a night of fun. (temporary description)
  • Mine - DekuMight
    Toshinori knew that Izuku was a fanboy, but he never expected this. The sight of his boy sprawled across the bed in the dorm room while touching himself sparked a dark desire in the hero. When the name that spills from Izuku's lips is his own, Toshinori makes plans to teach him a lesson he won't soon forget.