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    [FFVII: No Regrets.]
    Part I: A violent birthright leaves Zax alone with a dead man's last words and unanswered questions.
    Part II: Midgar is in it’s death throes, but Kunsel said ee would always wait here, even if the one ee was waiting for had long been dead.
    Part III: Tifa, Kunsel, Cloud, Cissnei and Shelke are guided by new hope of seeing their loved ones again.

    [FFVII: Core Metallicity.]
    Prologue: JENOVA still affects the lives of those who received her cursed gift, Zax learns this the hard way. When the life of his best friend is placed in danger, the resulting war between Zax and Veld threatens to bring about a total extinction event on Gaia. Allies and Exiles take sides.