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    "When the remaining Guardians of Light and their friends gather at Destiny Island to celebrate their victory against Master Xehanort they witness the disappearance of Sora, who succeeded in bringing Kairi home. However, the group refuses to give up and decide to seek Master Yen Sid’s counsel in hopes of learning a way to bring their friend back. At the same time but at a very distant location, Luxu has finally reclaimed No Name and has summoned forth some of his long lost friends, the Foretellers. The time of their Master’s return is imminent."

    A Post-Kingdom Hearts 3 story that picks up where the story had ended. Sora disappeared, Luxu and the Foretellers have gathered, and the other Guardians of Light are trying to settle down for once. But with a new day comes the beginning of a new Journey. Join in and follow Riku, Kairi, Ventus, Roxas, and the others, as they all dive back into action to save their friends, and stop history's biggest schemer, the enigmatic Master of Masters.

    Canon Compliant until "Kingdom Hearts III - Re:Mind" & Kingdom Hearts Union X (Mission 915)