Drivative Works — Permissions and Conditions

Podfics and Translations

If you want to translate or podfic one of my stories, I would love that, but please ask my permission for the specific story you're considering. I will almost certainly say yes, but if someone else is working on it I might refuse. You can use the comment section, email me, or message me on Tumblr.

Art, Remixes, Vids, Moodboards

If you want to make one of the above types of fanwork based on one of my stories, go right ahead, no need to message me first. Drop me a link when you've posted it, I'd love to see it! If you're posting on AO3, please use the "inspired by" option. If posting elsewhere, please link back to the story.

Other Fanworks

If you want to make some other type of fanwork that I've forgotten about or has not yet been invented, please ask me first. I will most likely say yes.

For Profit Derivative Works

All of the above is true as long as it's not for profit. I do not grant you permission to make money off my fanworks.

Preferences Regarding Repods

I don't think you need my permission to repod a fic I have podficced, because that story is not mine (unless it is, but that's unrelated). But if you want to know how I'd feel about it, I wouldn't mind at all unless it's in the first few months after I posted my own podfic. If my podfic is old and bad quality I'll actually be super happy about it because I'd also love to listen to a better version, so please send me a link! If you were already working on it when I posted mine, I also wouldn't mind, plus of course I want you to post your work, you worked hard on it. In that case maybe we could put our podfics in a series together so people can listen to both? Something like X Fic by Y Author Read Two Ways?