A Beautiful Mess inside...

My pseuds:
Vaysh, Vaysh-podfics
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I am vaysh11 on tumblr.

I am Vaysh on Dreamwidth, and on Livejournal. For the time being, Dreamwidth is my fannish home-base.

You find my podfics under Vaysh-podfics here.

My German translations of fanworks are here.

Transformative Works Policy
You may remix, podfic, translate, illustrate, or create any other transformative work for any completed fic I have posted, as long as such creations are for non-commercial use and I am credited as the original author. Blanket permission given, no need to ask first. This includes the transformation of my podfics for podfic remixes, given the author's permission.
Please always include a link back to my work in your transformative creation, and if you're so inclined, I'd love to hear from you.

You may not repost my fanfiction without my permission.