My pseuds:
Ansereg, TheByrchenTwigges, Tyellas
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Kia ora! My Tumblr is, my Discord ID is Byrch#1781 .

Long ago and far away, I wrote quantities of Tolkien fanfiction that I posted at I reposted these fics here in 2016.

My Shape of Water genfic is in a series, Lab T-4. I also have mature/explicit stories for that fandom outside the series.

My Mad Max fics all intersect, and can be read in order. Here at a reader's request:
- One Way Ride
- When the Devil Drives
- She was the Warrior Woman
- Wasteland Love (chapter 1 of Wasteland, Seize My Bones)
- Word Burgers
- Weave a Circle
- The Tell
- The First Cup
- Chicken Run
- A Wretched Life
- Shut the Front Door
- Aim High, Shoot Low
- The Soul's Water
- A Handful of Dust
- Wasteland Story (chapter 3 of Wasteland, Seize My Bones)
- Gastown Nights
- Why I'll Never Go Back to the Thunderdome
- Scav Hunt
- Very Max, Much Wasteland, Such Dog
- Citadel Shadows
- Counting the Cost
- For the Want of a Nail
- Fear and Loathing in Gastown
- Wasteland Magic (chapter 2 of Wasteland, Seize My Bones)
- Pick Up the Pieces
- Citadel Nights
- Convictions
- Sundowner
- Wasteland Souls (ch 4 of Wasteland, Seize My Bones)
- somebody out there
Short fics in Outside the Circle slot throughout these. There's also miscellaneous gift and AU fics.