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aka pointytilly on Tumblr, FF.net, pixiv, and assorted other places.

Pointy is an adjective; you can call me Tilly. Singular they for pronouns, queer works for both sexuality and gender, and I share a birthday with the really 80s Toei animated Silver Fang, going by Wikipedia's air date info. Which means I'm 35 now (over three years since I last updated this? oof). That's really old by some fandom standards, not as much by others!

Also disabled and tl;dr-shortening a lot of unfun backstory, a mess of chronic pain and autoimmune fail hell and other things. I probably look tetchier and/or like more of a downer than I am, or at least want to be. Hopefully I'll get to posting writing again sometime--my health and other things imploding derailed plans life and creative and I...am trying to work out how to everything again. Especially as fiction and art is...a lot...of how I've always coped and processed.

Until then, I still like to read fic (understatement), and tend to do so in obvious read ALL the things runs. Hello, people wandering in wondering who bookmarked/left kudos on a thing or a lot of things of yours.

And regardless, while I'm both anxious and flaky about replying (it's not you doing anything wrong, fellow anxious people out there), I really appreciate comments and kudos. Trust me, I at least read and likely flailed at them (in a good way).

My main email is pointytilly (at) gmail (dot) com if you would rather send comments or fannish or whatever other things that way; and if I fail to reply don't feel guilty about poking me again after a few days.

P.S.: Remember to drink some water and stretch if you haven't in a while. And that you're okay, okay, and it will be okay (if not now, eventually).