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Hi, friends! If you're here, I imagine it's because you wanted to know a bit more about Ye Olde Tierfal, so… here:

- I really am Ye Olde. Rest assured that I used to save my early writing on floppy disks.

- I talk about fic a lot on Tumblr! I have a tag for fic-related posts, including answers to questions about updates, upcoming work, what a disaster I am, etc. XD (If you have a question, you can ask on anonymous even if you don't have a Tumblr!) I also have an FAQs page (linked in the sidebar) if there's anything you suspect you're not the first to have wondered. :D

- There is a hoard of old fic on LiveJournal or Dreamwidth (DW includes recent work, but the links are jacked because I… never updated them after exporting from LJ .__.'), if you want to read stuff from (a) fandoms represented here less or not at all; (b) the days before I had the slightest idea what I was doing. (I mean, I still don't, but… y'know.)

- I cosplay! (Even though #yeolde.) That mostly ends up on Instagram, though the nice photos often hit Tumblr.

- I try to relegate complaining to Twitter. Some of the complaining is about fic, but lots of it is not. Proceed at your own risk. XD

- If you've ever wondered why I write 90% fluff, the simple answer is that I think life is often very unpleasant, so fiction shouldn't have to be. c: I like making people feel warm and fuzzy even when the rest of the world is decidedly not. ♥