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Hello, friends; I'm Tierfal, a Californian fangirl with no life. :D

At present, I've been using this site primarily to back up fics that would otherwise exist only at my LiveJournal writing community. In the event that there's a massive nuclear meltdown at LJ HQ, my endless works of fandom-y worship will be spared!

(Note: There are a veritable crap-ton of fics there that I haven't posted here, including a few for unrepresented fandoms like Kingdom Hearts II and Glee and various other things I forget because I seriously write that much goddamn fanfiction.)

I'm probably the lamest person on the internet, but comments and stuff are love all the same. ♥

If you're interested in me squeeing about fanart and posting unnecessary personal updates, check out the Tumblplace. I also run some RP crap over there, if for some strange reason you want to read more of my shit. ^^;