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Multifandom mess. Thorinsmut on pillowfort and FormlessVoidbeast on tumblr.


Translations and podfics are welcome, so long as they are posted to AO3 with the 'inspired by' function to link them to the original.

If I do not know you, and you try to add my work to a collection without asking, it Will get rejected. Try adding a bookmark to your collection instead.

Fanbinding: I am 100% cool with binders making personal volumes of my fanfics for their own personal use -- but only if you show me a picture of the final product. I want to be excited about the cool thing you did with my words!
I am also ok with a ficbinder making a volume of my fanfic to gift to a friend, with the same stipulation.
I am EXTREMELY NOT OK with money being transferred for a bound copy of my fic. No taking commissions for binding my fics, and no selling bound copies of my fics!