" that's why I'm trying to figure out if there is something I need to figure out and then figure that out before it's too late and all hope is lost."

My pseuds:
A Certain No One, The_Marvellous_Hyolf
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Hello, I'm Hyolf.
Pronouns he/him, aro ace, 1% gay.
I write mostly to otome games, once in a blue moon maybe to something else.

You can find my works on Tumblr on Creations of a Certain No One (including fanarts). I have a general otome/headcanons/nonfiction blog Aromantic Misguide to Romance too, and fanarts posted on Pixiv, Twitter and Instagram.

I have a second account Asexual Collection of Smut where the smuttier works were exiled to, and a dead Newgrounds (18+) profile.